Additional AE2 crew

The following British and Australian submariners served as crew on the AE2 in 1913 and 1914, but were not aboard during its last journey into the Dardanelles.

The first group of sailors accompanied the AE2 to the Dardanelles but no further; many were reunited with their AE2 conrades as prisoners of war in Turkey:

Gwynne, Ernest Alfred, Able Seaman/Petty Officer, Victoria

Herbert, Douglass Phillips, Engineer Lieutenant/Principal Naval Engineer, Sydney

McGregor, John Thomas, Leading Seaman, born Southampton, UK,

Mitchell, Reuben Joseph Edwin, Able Seaman, born Ballarat, Victoria

Paterson, Halliday Gunning, Engineer Lieutenant, born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wilson, Archibald McCullough, Leading Stoker/Petty Officer, born Oamaru, New Zealand

The second group of sailors all died when AE2’s sister ship AE1 was lost with all hands off Rabaul in New Guinea, 1914:

Bray, John James (Jack), Stoker Class I, Melbourne, Victoria

Dennis, Frederick George, Able Seaman, born Devon, UK, living in Melbourne, Victoria

Guy, William Elliot, Southsea, UK

Jarman, Jack, Able Seaman, Dookie, Victoria

The third group comprises original crew members of the AE2 in Portsmouth, February 1914:

Broughton, George William, Stoker, born Skerbeck, Lincolnshire, UK

Hitchcock, William James, Petty Officer, born Flushing, Cornwall, UK

Hopkins, A. H. Sub-Lieutenant, RN (trip to Australia only)

Hughes, George, Stoker Class I, born Belfast, Northern Ireland

Johnson, Thomas, Stoker, born Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK

McCready, George, Petty Officer, born Belfast, Northern Ireland

Norris, Stanley Jefferies Vickers, Able Seaman, Devonport,Tasmania

Peddie, Thomas Henry, Leading Stoker, North Carlton, Victoria

Robinson, James Harold, Leading Stoker, Perth, Western Australia

Smith, Albert Edward, Chief Stoker, Devonport, UK

Stiling, Herbert, Petty Officer, born Brent Knoll, Somerset, living in Gordon, New South Wales

Todd, Joseph, Leading Stoker, Liverpool, UK