Guiding Principles and Plans

The AE2 Commemorative Foundation Ltd (AE2CF) was founded in order to achieve a number of Objectives. The Objectives are underpinned by the organisation’s Mission and Vision. Additional Strategic objectives 2010–15 have also been developed.

Click here to download a PDF outlining the AE2CF’s plans.


To preserve, protect and promote HMAS AE2.


Working within the Australian, Turkish and UK communities, our mission is to be the principal organisation for all concerned with HMAS AE2, by providing leadership, undertaking research, and developing and sharing knowledge.


Our vision is that by 30 April 2015, HMAS AE2 has been preserved, is protected and has assumed its rightful place in the Gallipoli legend. Interpretative displays will have been established in Turkey and Australia for the benefit of both nations.

Strategic objectives 2010–15

AE2 bow, 1998 Photo courtesy of Mark Spencer

AE2 bow, 1998. Photo courtesy of Mark Spencer