Fawns, Peter; Engine Room Artificer Class I; RN/RAN 8285

Peter Fawns was born on 3 August 1874 in Dundee, Scotland. His work on AE2 was that known in submarine parlance as ‘outside wrecker’, responsible for all engineering systems outside the engine room. Lt Commander Barrie Downer notes: ‘It is probable that Peter Fawns would have been manning the driving and control panel of AE2 during its unsuccessful attempts to regain trim and control during the attacks by the Sultanhisar.’

Fawns was interned first at Afion Kara Hissar, then sent on to Çankiri. His wife Jeannie was told that the prisoners were unable to receive any parcels from home, and his only source of income was a monthly sum of three pounds from the Australian Naval Board. After Çankiri, Fawns was sent to Belemedik, where his expertise as an engineer artificer was a valuable commodity to the German construction company. By February 1916 his wife was advised that he was being ‘looked after’ by the British Emergency Navy League, and in March heard he had been moved to a camp at Pozanti. In January 1917 he was back near Ankara, possibly seconded to servicing agricultural machinery.

Peter Fawns arrived in London on Christmas Eve 1918. He was demobilised on 27 March 1919 at the age of 45 and worked thereafter as a coppersmith. He is thought to have died in 1949.