The Future

A joint Turkish–Australian workshop sponsored by the AE2 Commemorative Foundation (AE2CF) and the Turkish Institute of Nautical Archaeology (TINA) was held on 26–27 April 2008 in Istanbul. The workshop, which was opened by the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, the Australian Minister for Defence, had the aim of analysing the options and making decisions about the AE2’s future.

A number of options were identified when considering the future of the AE2.

Each had its pros and cons. Finally Option 1, which sought to ensure that AE2 is preserved where it lies, was selected. To make sure that AE2 suffers no further damage from fishing trawlers or divers, it is being considered whether the location should be marked by two permanent buoys, the hull monitored by an anti-intruder device and steps taken to prevent further corrosion.

AE2 bow

The corroded bow of AE2 in 1998 with its towing hauser chain. Fishing nets and ropes scrape protective algae and marine growth from the metal surfaces, baring them to the water and aiding corrosion. The bow is also being physically distorted by the pulling of the ropes and nets. ID: AE2 bow, 1998. Photo courtesy of Mark Spencer

Operation Silent ANZAC: Report to the Australian Government on the Assessment Phase – HMAS AE2
Outcomes and Recommendations: Report of the AE2 Options Workshop