Nash, George Henry; Leading Seaman; RN/RAN 8056

A senior rating, George Nash was one of the experienced RN submariners loaned to the RAN in 1913 as crew for the AE2. Born on 31 March 1882 at Bristol, Somerset, of Scottish lineage, Nash joined the RAN for a period of five years.

He was interned at Belemedik with fellow AE2 submariners including Petty Officer Bray, whose diaries record that he and Nash were both studying maths in order to gain further expertise as electrical engineers. Their textbooks were supplied by the Red Cross, the British Prisoners Education Society, a charity attached to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Nash survived the arduous camp conditions including epidemics of malaria and other virulent diseases. He returned to London at the end of 1918 and served out his full tour of duty at the RAN’s London Depot. He was demobilised at his own request on 25 March 1919. His 1914–15 Star, awarded for service in AE2 in the Gallipoli Campaign, remains unclaimed in Navy Headquarters in Canberra.