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RPC Technologies ‘top hat’ for AE2: An article from the RPC Technologies website about a ‘top hat’ they fitted over the open conning tower hatch of the AE2 to prevent unauthorised entry to the submarine.

AE2 – Treasure of the Sea of Marmara: A historical overview of AE2 and its modern-day significance

Australia’s Naval Gallipoli Hero: Information about the 2007 dive to the AE2, as well as other historical information about AE2

Hansard, 14 May 2008: Remarks in the House of Representatives about AE2CF being granted Deductible Gift Recipient status

AHCCA Assists Gov’t in Gallipoli Development: The Courtyard, Volume 1 Issue 1, August 2006, University of Melbourne

Up Periscope: Submarine AE2 Makes First Contact: An article from 2000 discussing the first dives on the AE2 and early assessments, as well as history and other information

Basin Bülteni: Turkish: AE2’nin geleceği şekilleniyor!’ English: ‘Future of AE2 is shaped by expert hands!’


AE2 Newsletter, Number 2 April 2008

AE2 Newsletter, Number 1 September 2007


MAA Interim Report: A thorough report of the Maritime Archaeological Assessment of the AE2 that took place in May–June 2014 as part of Project Silent Anzac

AE2 Archaeological Permit Application: A thorough description of the intentions of Project Silent Anzac

Project AE2 – Investigation of the HMA AE2 submarine wreck site, October 1998: Extracts: ‘Summary of Recommendations’ and ‘Historical Precis’


AE2 in the Sea of Marmara and Her Loss; POW Camp’: chapter 6 of the book Australian Submarines, Volume One, by Michael White


An Unsung RAN Hero: Lieutenant Commander Henry (Dacre) Stoker DSO, RN, Commanding Officer HMAS AE2

HMA Submarine AE2 & The Anzac Centenary Project Silent Anzac: Telling the story of AE2 and Sultanhisar – Australia and Turkey’s shared maritime history


HMAS AE2 Check Survey Report: The Check Survey using a Remotely Operated Vehicle to examine the state of the protective and preservative measures installed during the Maritime Archaeological Assessment (MAA) in June 2014 was completed on 14 August 2015. A Report providing analysis of the samples taken during the MAA and observations arising from the Check Survey is attached.

Çanakkale Naval Museum Website: An AE2 and Sultanhisar plaque was unveiled by Australian Chief of Navy and Turkey Northern Sea Area Commander on 24 April 2010 at Çanakkale Naval Museum

Media Alert, Unveiling of Garden Island plaque

Beneath the Dardanelles by Vecihi and Hatice Basarin: Allen & Unwin press release

Media Release, 27 April 2008: vote to protect and preserve AE2 in situ


Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments (February 2015)

Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments: Annex A – Funding Summary (January 2015)

Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments: Annex B – Preliminary Analysis of Imagery Data (January 2015)

Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments: Annex C – Conservation of HMAS AE2 (February 2015)

Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments: Annex D – Watch & Station Bill (January 2015)

Report to the Australian & Turkish Governments: Annex E – Maritime Archaeology Report (February 2015)

HMAS AE2 – The Silent Anzac Project Brief March 2010: Brief prepared by AE2CF as an update on the AE2 project in preparation for the 95th anniversary of Gallipoli


Torpedoes and AE2 Submarine Deployment 25 April – 30 April 1915, 28 May 2002 (updated 13 May 2008): Research notes on the deployment of torpedoes on the AE2 during its run through the Dardanelles, with particular attention paid to the one torpedo that remains unaccounted for

An Update to the Summary of the Risk to Future Operations Associated with the Torpedo Remaining aboard HMAS AE2, 20 December 2007

AE2’s Remaining Torpedo – An assessment of the risks attached to an inspection of the submarine, 20 March 2007