The AE2 Commemorative Foundation Ltd (AE2CF) welcomes research into HMAS AE2’s history and the AE2 today. To alert the AE2CF to existing or intended research, please contact the Foundation.

In addition to the AE2CF, major sources of research information are available through the Australian War Memorial, the National Archives of Australia and the Submarine Institute of Australia. Other organisations with a relevant research interests are listed in the Links.

Primary sources

Researchers have used a number of primary sources for information about AE2. These include Australian, English and Turkish books, as well as diaries and newspaper reports. These include:

Stoker H 1925, Straws in the Wind, Herbert Jenkins Limited, London.

Riza Captain & Dulger B 1947, Denizalti Gemisini Marmara’da Nasil Batirdim (‘How I Sank the AE2 Submarine in the Sea of Marmara’), Millet Yayini , Istanbul.

The authors of Stoker’s Submarine, Fred and Elizabeth Brenchley, draw particular attention to the diary of Able Seaman Albert Knaggs, who left an important record of events up until his death in October 1916. The Brenchleys note the fact that this is a contemporary eyewitness account, unlike most of the other diaries of AE2 men which were written years after the war.

Secondary sources


The most significant secondary research contributions to date include three books about the AE2 and its crew. Each of these books contains a detailed bibliography. A fourth book discusses the AE2 in the context of the history of Australian submarine warfare.

Brenchley F & E 2003, Stoker’s Submarine, HarperCollins, Sydney.

Basarin V & H 2008, Beneath the Dardanelles: The Australian Submarine at Gallipoli, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest.

Smyth J 2007, The Long Silence: The story of GAG Haggard of Submarine AE2 (self-published).

White M 1992, Australian Submarines: A History, AGPS.

Front cover of Stoker’s Submarine, 2003. © HarperCollins

Front cover of Stoker’s Submarine, 2003.
© HarperCollins

Front cover of Beneath the Dardanelles, 2008. © Allen & Unwin

Front cover of Beneath the Dardanelles, 2008.
© Allen & Unwin

Additional research is frequently published in journal articles. The following journal articles deal with aspects of the AE2.

Smith Tim 2008, ‘Australia’s Naval Gallipoli Hero’, Heritage NSW, Vol. 15, Issue 1, Winter, Sydney.

Holland DA 2007 ‘LCDR Stoker: An Example of Leadership’, Headmark: Journal of the Australian Naval Institute, Issue 124, Canberra.

Fielding, Colonel Marcus, ‘From the Sea of Marmara to the North Gate of Baghdad: The Story of Four HMAS AE2 Crew Members‘ (PDF).


In addition to print texts, a number of films have been produced about AE2 that take account of new and existing research.

AE2 Commemorative Foundation 2007, HMAS AE2: Then, Now, and in the Future.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2007, News Report

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2008, Gallipoli Submarine


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