The study of Australian history is a key part of Australian Humanities and Social Sciences curriculums in primary and secondary schools.

A number of existing resources have been developed by organisations for school students relating to World War I generally, and to the Gallipoli campaign specifically.

These resources include a website developed for the Australian Government’s Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). The Visit Gallipoli website includes a number of resources suitable for student research into AE2. They include the following:

British and Australian Submarines in the Dardanelles: The AE2: includes information and images relating to the AE2 in the Dardanelles. The page also links to ‘April 1915: The Story of the AE2’, a multimedia animation of the AE2’s passage through the Dardanelles to the Sea of Marmara, and to extracts from Straws in the Wind by Lieutenant Commander HG Stoker.

Researching Australians at Gallipoli and Australians at War: includes ‘Timelines – Australians at Gallipoli and at War’, a series of animated timelines including ‘100 events at Gallipoli’.

Gallipoli Submarine – A Study Guide: study guide developed by ATOM that relates to the 52-minute ABC TV documentary film by Steve Westh (2008). (See more ATOM study guides.)