The Crew of the AE2

Finding crews for the new HMAS AE1 and AE2 submarines in 1913 was to be a significant challenge for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Because no Australian serving members of the RAN had prior submarine experience, the Navy was forced to advertise for submariners in Great Britain as well as Australia. AE1 and AE2 ended up with a mixture of Australian and loaned Royal Navy crews (Brenchley F & E 2003, Stoker’s Submarine, p 10).

A great deal of biographical research has been undertaken into the background, the naval history and the later lives of the crew of HMAS AE2. It is known that of the 37 crew members who served under Lieutenant Commander Stoker, only 14 were born in Australia. Twenty-one crew members were born in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), one in New Zealand, and another in Brazil.

The following linked biographies of each crew member who served on the AE2 during the Dardanelles campaign are taken with permission from F & E Brenchley’s Stoker’s Submarine. Additional information about crew members who served on AE2 prior to the Dardanelles campaign is recorded under the link to ‘Additional AE2 crew’.